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Joyride mecha, sext your enemies, fight the pull of gravity.

It’s 1981 and the dream for life in space is dead. There are no more giant aliens to fight, earth is as safe as it can be with humans living on it. Giant robots won’t save us, it’s time to go home.

But we don’t care. Space is awesome and we, the terrible girls that were raised on it, with our giant Ship-Selves to carry us through time and space. We have the power to make our lives a real beautiful fantasy.

Venus, Mars and Luna-Terra is a one-page RPG based on Worst Girl Game's Heaven Will be Mine.

The game work with simple roleplay based on games like Formative, with intimate roleplay, simple character creation and the only random numbers are the dice (or cards) used to make a base for the scenes.


Venus, Mars and Luna-Terra.pdf 95 kB

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