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We are those blessed with Hearts. Our Hearts, capitalized, are tools we wield to change fate, to do the impossible, and to make the world our own. And our hearts, lowercase, our metaphorical hearts, our beating hearts, our emotional hearts. They’re not the same, but they are linked.

Our Hearts are many things. They are the legendary weapons we vanquish evil with, the giant mechs that fly us to the stars, the hidden powers we’ve found within ourselves, the shining charms let us become magical girls, the roaring engines propelling us across the country side, and so much more.

Burning Hearts Forever is a tabletop RPG built on the Apocalypse engine for creating stories in a wide array of different scenarios, each with a different definition of what a Heart is. The game focuses on the interpersonal relations between characters and can support games with either light or heavy tones.

The game features the following Playbooks:

  • The Dreadnought, someone who will push themselves to their limits and beyond to achieve their higher than life goals.
  • The Foesworn, someone who received their Heart from the enemy and has to deal with their influence.
  • The Fool, who thrives under the spotlight, when all eyes are on them.
  • The Frozen, who seeks solitude and excels at burning bridges.
  • The Hero, inexperienced and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  • The Lover, who gives their Heart to their true love.
  • The Outsider, who made, or stole their Heart.
  • The Storm, someone with immense power and little control over it.
  • The Spider, who hoards others' secrets and uses them for their advantage.
  • The Vampire, who carries a cursed Heart that feeds on their life force.

In the following Scenarios:

  • Afterschool Struggle: Teenagers fight shadows with the powers of their true selves to uncover a mystery that will go deep into their city’s underground.
  • Fight the Pull of Gravity: Mech pilots in space fight to decide the future of humanity, or simply spend their time flirting their way ahead.
  • Highways on Fire: Racers ride across the countryside to see who wins the grand Prix, while also sporting a decent amount of drama with each other, for the fans.
  • Lullaby of the Last Days: An incoming calamity places you as the hero with the role to stop it and save the world.
  • Part Time Magical Kid: Magical teens employed by flawed institutions fight witches and monsters while discovering the true nature of their city.
  • Rocking Tour: Play as a band going on a tour, dealing with tourist traps, faulty transportation and the unforgettable nights.

Written by Eva Terra and illustrated by Phoebe Mark.


Get this game and 255 more for $15.00 USD
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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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hey bundle is ready to be approved: https://itch.io/b/2512/ultimate-elite-bundle-complete-edition thanks for joining glad to have you on board, and please remember you need to be logged in to appprove, if you got any qustions feel free to ask

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How many players do you recommend for your game? 4-6 (+GM)?


about 3-5 + a game master, yeah


Alright, thank you! ^-^

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I really want to love this game, but the monospace font is just killing me. Sorry. After a couple of pages, I have to stop reading and unclench my jaw and shoulders.


Also, the justified formatting AND the bold first word (even when there's absolutely no sense to highlight them) turn the text even more difficult to read.


i see. i did design it in a way that i find readable, but it makes sense that what is readable to each person is different. i may work on an updated version in the future with better readability.

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Love the attention you put to the feedback. Have a 💜 day!

PS: I did proofreading and counseling for mechanics and layout for lot of (small) authors and translators, here in Italy.
I just want to tell you that you can find awesome suggestions about font choice and page composition, and you can learn a lot, really quickly.
This is just an example or two:



oh thank you for these links, they are very informative. burning hearts forever's anniversary is coming this month so i figured an alternative formatting would be a nice anniversary update.


Played a one-shot of this with some friends and it was the most fun I've had gm'ing!! I can't wait to play it again :-)

This game looks fantastic, it's got some of the best elements of all my favorite pbta systems! I'm really looking forward to trying it at some point, but I'm not gonna risk an in depth read right now when I just started a couple other games - I don't wanna get pulled away from them lol. Well done on crafting such an exciting and interesting rpg!!!


I just want to say how much I love this game and I think it would be super fun to play. There is SO much narrative depth to the game mechanics and I urge you to read through it and give it a chance even if it looks and feels a little crunchy. I think it's got a lot of potential!


I'm currently planning out a campaign to run for my sister and her friends in about a month, and we are all really excited about the potential this system has. This version does not have character sheets at the time of writing, but the concepts are simple enough that it likely won't take me long to throw together a really simple one. I'll definitely send you feedback Eva when we start!

I'm glad you're going to play and I hope you have fun!


play tester here! the system is still in development, but overall, it's been great to play so far. the structure and system are easy to apply to a number of settings, and are meant to be good for homebrew sessions. i'm still play testing it as a player, but i'm looking forward to playing with this more, including possibly gming with it!


oh! it makes me really happy to know people are playing my game and enjoying it!