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This game stares all of those deemed “impure” by society. All our experiences as minorities with bigotry, violence and alienation. It’s about everyone who feels rejected by society. Everyone that society has let down. Everyone that humanity has let down. 

So we don’t want to be human anymore, we are the in-betweens. We balance our humanity to survive, become more human to avoid trouble and become more ourselves when we are with our lovers and those important to us

We aren’t heroes. We can’t save the world. We can’t fix everything, but we can try to live our best lives at least.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorEva Terra
TagsCyberpunk, LGBT, Tabletop, Transgender


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The In-betweens and Impures is a very good game. Above average-good, compared to most short and narrative-focused TTRPGs. First of all the core concept is solid and well-executed. It's about the assumptions regarding what makes a person a "normal" human and the way people might be forced to mask themselves to appear as such, against their desires. Such theme is then framed by the question "what's it like to survive everyday life in a cyberpunk dystopia?".

The concepts of "human" and "yourself", the two ends of the stat scale, offer an innovative approach to the cyberpunk genre. For once "humanity" represents a negative, but sometimes necessary, state for the character. While the augmentations are correlated with a positive trait, being yourself, becoming yourself.

The random tables in the section "Scene Rolling" are another great feature of The In-betweens and Impures. Most narrative-focused games do not offer much advice or guidance for creating scenes, expecting the players to simply come up with them. But creating a compelling starting point is far from an easy task. Including these tables in the game really added to its value and ease of access.

The option to succeed at the cost of shifting your stat twice is also a nice feature: it's comforting knowing you can automatically succeed for rolls that might be fundamental to the narrative or emotionally important for the player.

Overall The In-betweens and Impures is a great short, simple game, without any frills or fancy designs, that actually engages with the social themes it draws inspiration from, and definitely seems worth playing.

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Would you please make a printer-friendly version?


oh goodness gracious i'm sorry i completely missed this. do you still need it? truth be told i was a bit embarassed about this game and i was gonna make it restrict, but considering you liked i figured other people might like it too.

Thematically, the game is great

It occurs to me, that the layout is simple enough that I could cut and paste to create my own printer-friendly version so don't worry about it.

This is the most innovative Lasers & Feelings hack I can remember reading.

I've been looking for a Cyberpunk game that isn't focused on running missions.  This looks like it.

Looking forward to running a one-shot at some point.


i've just read it and really like it :) fanx !